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3 min readApr 7, 2022


Many of you know CJ, he’s a member of the SpinSci family for over three years. He began his technology career at GDT, where he was part of their sales team.

CJ has a unique international background- he was born in Medellin, Colombia and moved to Japan at the age of seven. His father served in the Military. Growing up CJ’s first language was Spanish, but he quickly developed his multilingual skills. He returned from Japan and relocated to Oklahoma when he was twelve.

A Fun Fact about CJ: his first sales call was actually to his uncle at the age of fifteen to move in with his uncle and uncle’s family in Allen, Texas. He closed the deal and attended Allen High School.

CJ has two younger brothers aged: 22 and 20.He attended the University of Texas at Dallas, and started his career with an internship in finance leading to a role as a Finance manager at uncle’s company.

Tell us about the best thing you have going on in your life?
I’d say it definitely has to be my new daughter and my wife.

Tell us one extraordinary thing that you have never done?
Climbing a mountain, Mount Fuji… the challenge and preparation of achieving something so physically and mentally intensive is exciting.

What are a few of your favorite hobbies and interests?
In my free time I love to spend time with my family. I love to play tennis, and enjoy outdoor activities like walking and running with my dog, Kayaking, and paddle boarding. I also enjoy reading about business and company profiles. I’ve been trading stock for 10 years- my first stock purchase was the company formerly known as Facebook 🙂


What cuisine do you enjoy the most?
Colombian food, Pizza, Nuggets.

Do you love pets and do you own one?
CJ and my wife rescued a dog named Tracker, he is a hunting dog.

Who has been your inspiration?
My wife, daughter and family.

What do you feel is the craziest thing about you?
The craziest thing has to be starting a small company when I was 17 yrs old reselling old toys from the toy store where I worked, KB Toys. I hired my friends and my ten year old cousin to advise me on pokemon/yugi-oh cards. I resold them on eBay.

Tell us a little about what makes you tick?
I love competing, and winning

What’s your biggest screw-up in the kitchen?
Burnt frozen Pizza and that’s bad

What’s your dream and your aspiration in Life?
My dream is to retire early at 45 and spend time with my kids and wife and move to the beach. Today I want to lead a team of individuals who can fulfill their own aspirations and give their family the best life they can.

What do you like about SpinSci?
I love being able to pave my own way. I love being able to learn as much as I can in different facets of the industry (i.e. product, development, etc…)

Something about yourself others don’t know?
People probably don’t realize my international background- I can speak Spanish fluently



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